Southern Dental Specialists

Case Study

From a distance, Geelong’s new landmark on 107 Gheringhap Street
resembles more a boutique art gallery than the dental clinic it really is.
Indeed, the sophisticated building that houses Southern Dental Specialists
will not be out of place on the cover of a gallery brochure. And while the
four-chair specialist restorative dental practice opened its doors end-March
2009, it doesn’t look a day older.

“We are pleased by the way Dentec interacted and consulted with us. The team was friendly and approachable. The attention to detail was very good and even though the renovation was completed quickly, the quality of the work was excellent. All of us in the practice agree that Dentec has developed a workplace where we truly enjoy coming in to.”

Dr Kurien Mamootil

Prime Location

Next to one of the Geelong’s busiest traffic arteries, the clinic sits on a spacious lot with ample front of building parking. The clinic has clearly optimized its prime location and excellent exposure with a sublime display. At first sight, the brand spanking new façade of the building and its elegant design are the two things that immediately shine through.

Exuding Class

Wall-to-wall, clear glass panels framed by a chocolate brown roof and pillars present a classy but down-to-earth looking exterior.

Southern Dental Specialists


Even before you step inside, the front reception desk is resplendent in full view, at once exuding an inviting presence to the approaching guest.

Relax in comfort

The atmosphere at the reception and open-space waiting area is warm and cozy, with nary a hint of the clinical environment that one would expect in a dental surgery. Waiting patients can browse through their favourite magazines in a relaxing environment.

Southern Dental Specialists


Generous space was allocated towards the treatment rooms, enough to accommodate a roomful of specialists, assistants, patients and other family members. Design of treatment rooms was specific to the nature of dental work, varying between endodontics and prosthodontics.

We had a little more room to play around with compared to majority of other surgery fit-outs, so we stuck to the conventional wisdom of ‘less is more’. For example, the side benches for family members neatly occupy the corner spaces to create more legroom while reducing interference to the clinical workspace.

Southern Dental Specialists

Black meets white

Aesthetic considerations were subtle but effective. The black leather cushions on the dental chairs and side benches provide a stark contrast to the rest of the treatment room awash in high gloss white.

Feature art

Safe for touches of colour on tastefully positioned square framed artworks on the walls, the black and white colour theme is used throughout the clinic – from the treatment to the steri rooms; corridors to the staff lounge.

Southern Dental Specialists

Tasteful ergonomics

If the project was squeezed for time at all, you couldn’t tell by looking at the end result. There wasn’t the slightest hint of a rushed job; much less reasons to suggest corners were being cut.

Quality without compromise

In consultation with the dental partners, Dentec had constructed an ergonomic workplace that does not compromise on the client’s ideals of patient comfort.

Southern Dental Specialists

Aesthetic Class

The little aesthetic touches provide an excellent counterbalance to the ergonomics of function and practicality. And while the building and its interiors may suggest a trendy and up-market practice, the overall design is ageless and downright practical – which exactly conforms to the partners’ wishes.

The quote

“We were looking for a sophisticated design to suit our main clientele who are generally adult patients. We wanted a modern but not overstated look and we were particularly conscious of trying to develop a design that would not date quickly,”

Southern Dental Specialists

Reception with the lot

Subscribing to the notion that “you can never have enough storage space”, the reception space was well utilized with the usual reception counter and organized file storage shelving.


The layout was to be “inviting and organized”. In terms of presentation,
the client wanted the clinic to be “bright and clean with high quality
furnishings and finish.”

Southern Dental Specialists

Staff Space

A well functioning staff room gives the staff and specialists a secluded place to relax and refresh during the course of a busy day.

Southern Dental Specialists


The entrance to Southern Dental Specialists is classy and welcoming. Many first time patients to the practice discern that the atmosphere provided by attentive staff and a comfortable environment create a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially for those who might feel confronted and daunted by the unknown specialist treatment ahead of them.

Southern Dental Specialists

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