Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic

Case Study

The Phillippe O Zimet Specialist Clinic was established in Victoria’s Dandenongs in the mid-80s, years before the South Eastern suburb became part of Melbourne’s fastest growth corridor. Today, the clinic sits on prime real estate, surrounded by a sprawling commercial centre that is home to one of the largest activity CBDs outside of central Melbourne. Last year, Phillippe and practice manager, Marilyn commissioned a 12-month renovation project that would see to the complete overhaul of the entire building.

“It all comes down to good communication and site management. Dentec has very strong work ethics and are always professional. They have every reason to be proud of their quality work.”

Marilyn Zimet – Practice Manager

Refreshed Landmark

The practice was housed in an old building that had undergone multiple renovations over the years. It had been 10 years since the last major renovation but this time around, a higher goal was set and achieved.

Major Change

Extensive reconstruction involved adding a second floor to the existing single-story structure; tearing down and repartitioning walls; as well as stripping out old equipment and reinstalling new ones.

Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic

Room to move

Each of the four surgeries is equipped for specialist endodontic work. 
Despite housing bulky equipment like the operating microscope, the
surgeries are roomy and comfortable while neat as a pin.

Relax in comfort

Patients are treated to television entertainment via a ceiling-mounted
LCD screen that plays free-to-air programs and DVDs. Where desired,
they can even watch their own procedures while being treated, as the
overhead screen relays views from the operating microscope.

Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic


Fuelled by Phillippe’s passion for continuing education, one of the project’s multi-pronged objectives was to incorporate a teaching facility within the surgical premise. Therefore, in addition to main areas designated for the reception, sterilization and clinical aspects of the practice, the double story building also boasts a video conferencing room that doubles as a training center for continuing education.

Technologically advanced

The surgeries house operating microscopes, which are wired to the conference room, thereby allowing ‘live’ video transmission of ongoing procedures to a captive audience of dental trainees.

Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic

Efficient and compact

The Sterilization room is the heart of a Professional Healthcare Clinic.
In Prof Zimet’s case we aimed for a compact yet effective Steri room
layout. This was achieved by constructing a long narrow room lined
with cabinets. From dirty to clean, the Steri department never skips
a beat.


Safe for touches of color or tastefully positioned artworks on
the walls, the clinical cream/white color theme is used throughout
the clinic – from the treatment to the steri rooms. 

Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic

The outcome

If the project was squeezed for time and accessibility at all, you couldn’t tell by looking at the end result. There wasn’t the slightest hint of a rushed job; leaving no reason to suggest corners were being cut. 

Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic

Class Decor

From the glass-windowed treatment rooms to the centralized server hub, you could tell this is not your average suburban clinic. Patients who may not be fully cognizant of the modern dental concepts on display are nevertheless wowed by the chic décor and soothing atmosphere. Feedback thus far has been unequivocally positive.

Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic


The patient entry to the clinic is met by a bright and welcoming reception and waiting room, successfully helping to sooth fears of the unknown that are often associated with specialist dental treatment.


Many first time patients to the practice volunteer that the atmosphere provided by attentive staff creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially for those who might feel confronted and daunted by the unknown specialist treatment ahead of them. They are all pleasantly surprised and even happy to attend again.
Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic

Space Planning

Good use of space helps to create the ergonomic and efficient environment
that a busy practice demands.

Personal Space

A personal desk area for the busy specialist’s is carefully fitted into each room.

Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic

Office deluxe

Phillippe embraces responsible change as an essential and integral part of his practice. He is constantly exploring new modes of improving patient care and the in-clinic experience. This also includes a healthy positive environment for the specialists. Incorporating a fully functional office area, the clinic has all the makings of a perfect practice.

Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic

Staff Kitchen

The refurbished clinic now incorporates a self contained kitchen with all you need for a busy clinic with a large number of staff.

Phillippe O Zimet – Specialist Dental Clinic

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